How to Get Your Baby To Sleep?

Babies spend most of the time sleeping which is good for their growth. It’s evident that babies sleep better when they are close to their mother but unfortunately you can’t sleep with them whole day. Sleep is not a state you can force your baby into. Sleep must naturally overtake your baby.

Baby Sleep

How to Get Your Baby To Sleep?

You can nurse your baby, rock your baby or sing your baby to sleep. If your baby can’t sleep properly in long stretches difficult especially in the first few months, then follow the steps given below to ensure sound sleep for your baby

  1. Rocking and cuddling is a favorite thing for babies and they enjoy it. Keep rocking and cuddling your baby as part of their bedtime schedule.
  2. Babies prefer to fall asleep while breast feeding so you can nurse your baby, but don’t let you baby get this habit of sleeping while breast feeding otherwise it will be a problematic thing in future.
  3. Swing your baby. Mechanical swings or rocking cradles can calm fussy babies and help them drift off to sleep.
  4. Stick to a stable routine, put down the baby at same time each night and wake him/her the same time. Proper schedule is very important for a cozy sleep.
  5. Before baby’s bedtime, keep noise and household activities to a minimum and create some comfort rituals for him like reading a book or singing a quiet song.
  6. Bathe your baby is preferred in summers. A warm bath about an hour before going to bed is a great way to relax your baby and help him/her sleep.
  7. Turn on a fan’s buzzing sound. This constant buzz of a fan or static from a baby monitor with the transmitter turned off can help baby tune out other external sounds.
  8. Gentle vibration and white noise of a laundry room often help a baby get to sleep. Many women prefer to keep their baby with them while doing laundry.

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