Tips On Effective Parenting

You have to maintain the consistency while bringing up your children. Each child is different and so is the punishment. Never compare your child with other children. As the children grow they understand the comparison and start feeling low about them self. Your parenting should have the balance of punishment as well as praise. Effective parenting is to achieve the result that dismisses bad behaviour. Children tend to misbehave as they grow and want to do things which are not supposed to. Your reaction to all this is very important.

Effective Parenting

Tips On Effective Parenting

Maintain consistency for effective parenting. If your child does not listen to you tell him again what is to be done. Ask him to repeat and do the given task. If the child does not respond tell him in a firm voice. Then if at all your child does not listen tell the practical consequences of what will happen if the task is not completed. The last thing is to punish like time out, no television, no favourite toy or also try not talking to child for sometime till he realises the mistake or so.

Apply consequences immediately if there is still refusal. If you do not do so, the importance of the words said, the task, will not be important to child as well. Children are smart enough to judge you about how strong you can be to them.

If the child listens to you, praise him immediately as this will lead to positive attitude in the child. Children once grown to the extent of understanding the exact meaning of what is been told and why, you as parent need to explain them and help them judge what is wrong or right. Once they know this they will start reacting on their own on certain issues. Always give practical examples to the children while explaining. Ask them what they would do if they were a parent and what they would do to solve a certain issue.

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