How To Buy Skirts For Your Baby Princess?

The fashion world of little girls is truely amazing. There are new trends coming into the market everyday and the dresses are designed right from the age group of day one! Buying a dress for your little doll can really wear you out when you look at the range of dresses that are available. The most common and favorite outfit for girls is a skirt with a suitable top. These skirts are also available in wide varieties and you need to make a choice. However, buying a skirt for a very small kid requires some thought. Though it is true that it looks pretty, what is more important is that it should be comfortable for the little one.

Baby Skirts

How To Buy Skirts For Your Baby Princess?

  • Fashions – There are a huge number of fashions in skirts even for kids.You may go in for wrap up skirt, denims, petite skirts, ruffle skirt or a pleated one. There are short skirts that really look great on toddlers. Long skirts may be a little uncomfortable as it becomes difficult to balance themselves. Petti skirts are really pretty with frills and pretty colors that look great on kids.
  • Cuts and Designs – skirts may have elastic at waists or may be zipped. Some have attached suspenders that make them comfortable. While buying skirts for babies, you need to be careful to check if the elastic is not too tight on the waist. A skirtall is a good option for slightly older girls where it has shoulder straps attached.
  • Fabric – Irrespective of the pattern, skirts are made in numerous types of cloth material. You have the pure cotton ones, those made of synthetic fibers and even of wool or fleece. Denims are a durable option but is not recommended for kids up to 6 months of age as it is too heavy to be carried. For that age group, soft cloth is the best option. In case of netted fabrics and synthetic ones, you need to be careful that they do not irritate the baby skin.
  • Add-on – Add on’s are the additional decorations added to the skirt like beads, bows, decorative buttons and so on. Ideally if you are buying skirts for kids below one year, avoid these things. Kids have a habit of pulling them out and then there is a risk of suffocating. Even in kids above one year, you need to keep a watch.
  • Skort – This is a unique combination of skirt-cum short. They are shorts that are a little wider a the bottom and appear like skirts. They are comfortable for wear and tear and also are as comfortable as pants. There are different types of tops to suit these skorts that are especially manufactured for that purpose.

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