How To Reduce The Risks Of Injuries In 0-4 Months Olds

A baby needs to be taken care of and looked after, every minute of the day and night as well. They are vulnerable to the external risk factors and cannot express themselve verbally nor are they able to mve away from the trouble. Hence It is the duty of parents and caretakers to care for them. There are certain possibilities that may create risks for the little ones and you need to watch them. One more factor is if there is a relatively smaller sibling or kids around when you need to be extra careful. These are some points that you need to watch out.

Baby Injuries

How To Reduce The Risks Of Injuries In 0-4 Months Olds?

  • Do not place any objects around the baby bed or crib when the baby is asleep- not even a blanket or pillow. Also be sure of the place where you keep the bed or crib, there should not be any objects that could be risky for the kid. The suspended toys should be affixed properly to the crib.
  • Take utmost care while bathing the baby or giving her a massage. Check the water yourself first and then get the baby for the bath. Do not let any non experienced person handle the bath event.
  • As stated above, if you have an elder kid or other kids in the neighborhood, watch out when they are playing with the baby. Do not let them handle her and avoid giving them any pointed sharp objects or hot foodstuffs when they are around her. Kids are innocent and may unintentionally harm the baby as they play with her.
  • Do not place the baby at the bed corners or do not place the bassinets, Moses baskets or strollers at heights, on stairs or other risky places.
  • For kids older than three months old, they try to roll off or move a little ahead by themselves. This is a phase where you need to to be a little more careful.
  • In case of driving, make sure the car seat is properly fixed, you have read the instructions properly and your baby always has a safe travel.

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