Top Five Digital Memory Gadgets For Mom And Baby

Gone are the days when you had to run for the bulky camera to take a cute pose of your baby and by the time you came back, it was gone! Today if you do not have the patience to make and decorate scrap books and albums, you have better options to save time and yet create wonderful memories. You do not need to maintain heavy weight albums and objects. With the advent of digital technology, shooting photographs, and even videos is a child’s play. The instruments are light weight and handy and allow you to create and store volumnous memories. The deleting option is also provided in case you want to erase them.

Digital Memory

Top Five Digital Memory Gadgets For Mom And Baby

So now you can capture so many moments of you baby’s growth! Some of the gadgets are:

  1. Digital Camera – This portable handy instrument allows you to take photographs and videos of your baby. You can later transfer the data from the memory card of the camera to your PC/Digital Frame/CD. The memory and make of each model varies. You can even carry it in your diaper bag and use it any time.
  2. Digital Camcorder – It is a user friendly device that helps you shoot photographs and movies too. It has a built in recorder unit and a large storage space. There are options to modify and edit your video. The memory storage may be in the form of cards or built -in memory.
  3. Digital Photoframe – It is a photoframe which displays digital images either singly or as a slide show. As it is handy, you no longer need the bulky computer.
  4. Digital Scrapbook – A novel concept in scrapbooking. Instead of the manual work, you can create and upload pages on the web. Due to this, you get variety of designs, templates and a larger storage space. You can evn share it with friends worldwide. You can download scrapbook kits and softwares and create your own design.
  5. Camera Phone – Your mobile phone can be your best friend. It helps you contact people when you are in the maternity home,or chat with friends when the baby’s sleeping. Moreover most of the phones help you take still photographs or short videos of your baby. Though the storage space is short, you can keep on transfering them to your PC and your phone is back in action!

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